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Hello and welcome to my little slice of the internet.  I am a new author and independent publisher.  Last year I launched my first chapter book, Secrets of the Snow Globe - Vanishing Voices, an adventure story for young readers. The sequel to the story, Secrets of the Snow Globe - Shooting Star, is coming this autumn. It is now available for pre-order.

You can find out more about me, invite me to speak at your school or get in touch. Thank you for coming to take a look.

Launching in September...

secrets of the snow globe shooting star
Secrets of the Snow Globe: Shooting Star

It looked as though a snow storm had raged through the workshop. Rosie stared at the workbench where her father had been sitting. His stool lay on its side in the snow. Her father was nowhere to be seen...

How does Grandma know about the magic of the snow globe? Louisa and her brother, Jack, are determined to discover the truth. In this sequel to, Secrets of the Snow Globe - Vanishing Voices, Grandma's story is revealed. But how much should Grandma tell? After all, some secrets are best left untold...

Are you ready for the magic?


Now Available...

Secrets of the Snow Globe: Vanishing Voices

“Jack was right. They were trapped inside the snow globe and it was all her fault. She turned away from him, pained with guilt. If only she had not touched the globe...”

In a land of magic, snow and secrets, Louisa and older brother, Jack, risk their lives to help their new friends. Can they succeed in their quest and find a way back to Grandma’s house?

Are you ready for the journey?

“My enthusiasm for reading began when I discovered the book ‘101 Dalmations’. “
— Anne Wan