Book Launch Celebrations for Debut Children's Book Author

Over 130 friends, family and special guests joined me on the 1st of October to celebrate the launch Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices. I was particularly honoured to welcome the Mayor and Mayoress of Eastleigh. It was lovely to meet them and a joy to share this special event together.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Eastleigh joined me on stage to give a short presentation along with Barbara Large, MBE (my tutor and editor) Daniel (representing Fryern Junior School) Jess Zabaidi, (representing the charity, Smile Support and Care) and John Groves (Elder at Hope Church Winchester). After a warm introduction from John, I spoke about what inspired me to write the book. I also used the opportunity to thank those who had supported me throughout the writing and publishing process.

On World Book Week, 18 months ago, I read an early draft of Secrets of the Snow Globe to the current year 4 children at Fryern Junior School. At the end of my visit to the school, the children had asked, ‘Where can we buy the book?’.  I am sorry it has taken so long! To thank them for allowing me to share the story at this early stage, the Mayor of Eastleigh presented copies of the book to their representative, Daniel.

The launch was a great opportunity to support the local children’s charity, Smile Support and Care. Jess Zabaidi, spoke about the origins of the charity and how they support families with disabled children. I am delighted that we raised £200.00 via book sales on the day for Smile. Thank you to everyone who bought a book! 

Following the presentation, guests enjoyed mingling and reading the display ‘The Story Behind the Story’ or relaxing with coffee and snowflake cupcakes.  With four different cakes to choose from, there was something for everyone, although it is rumoured that some of you managed to sample all four! Well done! 

The afternoon had a magical atmosphere, thanks to my talented friend Louise, who decorated the hall beautifully. The illuminated vases, filled with translucent gel balls, caused peculiar fascination among the children, who couldn’t resist having a feel!  

There was a real buzz of energy as children made their own snowflakes with paper cut outs, lolly sticks, beads and sparkly gems, created castles or designed their own fantasy, snow globe worlds. 

The ‘Castle Corner’ proved to be particularly popular as children played with castle sets or built their own from giant Lego!

Thank you to everyone who came and made it a joyous and memorable occasion!