It was so lovely to meet you the other day. The children loved it and are still talking about you and your book.
— Ms G, Anton Infant School

Author Visits for Schools

What’s the Purpose of an Author Visit?

My aim when visiting schools is to encourage the children as readers, to inspire them as writers and to generate an excitement about books.

What Do I Offer?

  • Whole School Assembly (20 mins)

    I share how I became an author and the life lessons that I learned along the way, including resilience and perseverance.

  • Year R - 1 ‘Describing a Snow Scene’ (30 mins)

    A practical session including discussion, drama and hands-on with snow and ice! Follow on activities provided. One class per session.

  • Year R - 1 Storytime (20 mins)

    Based on my picture book ‘Manners Fit for the Queen’ I show the children the importance of good manners and how poor table manners can effect personal hygiene and the feelings of others using a story bag, props and a puppet. Follow on activities provided. One class per session.

  • Year 2 - 6 ‘Journey of a Story’ (60 mins)

    Fun, interactive talk that will:

    • inform children about the role of an author

    • stimulate ideas for stories

    • discuss how a story is crafted

    • demonstrate how a book is published

    • inspire the children to persevere!

    Q & A

    Suitable for single or multiple classes.

  • Parents session (50 mins)

  • I explore the importance of reading, then introduce 3 types of readers, the avid reader, the reluctant reader and the struggling reader.

    I discuss the challenges that supporting each type of reader presents and provide fun ideas that parents can use to encourage their child to read, whatever type of reader they may be.

  • End of Day

  • Book-signing session, including the opportunity to buy the books.


  • For current fees, please get in touch.

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Have I Visited Your School?

Check my school and author visits below to see if I am coming to your school or local library. 


Thank you for the lovely feedback from schools and children. I would love to hear from you, if I visited your school. Please leave a review on my contact page.

‘It was so lovely to meet you the other day. The children loved it and are still talking about you and your book.’
Ms G, Anton Infant School

"Overwhelming positive feedback from teachers. Some top tips taken away too which teachers plan to incorporate into their planning. He have decided to echo many of your words and make references to throughout the writing process you so that we can help shape the writers of the next generation."

- Twyford St. Mary’s Primary School

"Anne was so approachable and friendly towards all pupils and staff. Her sessions really told the story of her becoming an author in a child friendly way and she inspired pupils to want to become authors themselves! Anne was also fantastic when organising the event as she was very flexible and supportive with our schools needs."

- Pilgrim’s Cross Primary

Feedback from children at Pilgrim's Cross Primary:

"It was a really fun day and I can’t wait to write my story!”

"I loved the stories she told and the way she showed us how she gets her ideas”

"She really showed me what it was like to be a real author- don’t forget to edit!"

"Children were enthralled; it fit really well with our literacy planning. (Year 3/4) All children really enjoyed the sessions and talked a lot about it afterwards. (Year 3)"

- Knightwood Primary School

Feedback from children at Pilgrim's Cross Primary:

‘We have been inspired to write.’ Yr 3

‘I liked the story cause I like magic and now I’m writing my own version.’ Yr 1 

‘When she made the clay pot and  talked about perseverance, one of our school values.’ Yr 1

‘Reading the story and asking volunteers to help act it out.’ Yr 2