Secrets of the Snow Globe: Menacing Magic

Menacing Magic-frontcover.jpg
Menacing Magic-frontcover.jpg

Secrets of the Snow Globe: Menacing Magic


Louisa swayed as if trying to balance on a rope bridge. ‘Earthquake!’ cried the villagers. ‘It’s happening again! Earthquake!’

Louisa’s blood fizzed. ‘Since when did I-Sing have earthquakes?’

Chaos rages in the world inside the snow globe following the theft of seven, magical, diamond snowflakes. In a race against time, Louisa and her brother, Jack, shrink into the globe and embark on a perilous journey to catch the thief. Can they retrieve the snowflakes before the snow globe world is destroyed?

Are you ready for the adventure?


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Paperback 240 pages
Illustrations Black and white
Publisher North Oak Press
ISBN 978-1-9164004-3-6
Product Dimensions 12.9cm x 19.8cm
Published 22nd September 2018