Secrets of the Snow Globe: Shooting Star

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Front cover jpeg.jpg

Secrets of the Snow Globe: Shooting Star


It looked as though a snowstorm had raged through the workshop like a wild animal. Rosie stared at the workbench where her father had been sitting. He was nowhere to be seen…

How much does Grandma know about the snow globe’s magic? Louisa and her brother, Jack, are determined to discover the truth. In this sequel to, Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices, Grandma’s story is revealed. But how much should she tell? After all, some secrets are best left untold…

Are you ready for the magic?


This book will ship in September 2017. 

Shipping Options: £2.20 to post within the UK. £3.50 to post outside of the UK.

Paperback 230 pages
Illustrations Black and white
Publisher North Oak Press
ISBN 978-0-9954864-2-3
Product Dimensions 12.9cm x 19.8cm
Published 31st September 2017