About Me

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I was born in 1974, the second of three children. I lived on a dairy farm in Sutton Coldfield until I was four. Later, we moved to an arable farm in Northamptonshire. I have always loved animals, especially, horses and dogs. My enthusiasm for reading began when I discovered the book, 101 Dalmatians. My favourite stocking present that year was a little red torch; perfect for reading under the bedcovers after ‘lights out’!

As a teenager, my dream was to train young horses and become a showjumper. When I was 16, I trained as a riding instructor (BHSAI) then worked with horses for a year. This fuelled my love of teaching and working with children. As a result, I took a career detour and qualified as a primary school teacher in 1998. I taught for seven years before having my own family.

My interest in writing began in 2012 when my middle son was unwell. As he recovered, I helped him translate a story idea that he had, into a book. This ignited my passion for writing stories for children. Nowadays, I always have my creative antennae switched on, scouting for story ideas. I love playing around different concepts and inventing new plots!

I have written 27 picture book stories, a range of poetry and various adult short stories. In Oct 2016 I published my first chapter book, for 7-9 year olds, Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices. In September 2017 I launched the second book in the series, Shooting Star.  Order your copies now.

I Like…

  • The wild Cornish coastline.
  • Historical dramas.
  • Making my boys laugh!

When I'm not writing I can be found... 

  • Singing with the amazing pre-schoolers at the toddler group that I jointly run.
  • Having my weekly ‘pony fix’, riding at the local stables.
  • Jive dancing in the kitchen with my husband!

I Dislike...

  • Being told that I can’t do everything!
  • Missing out on fun!
“My favourite stocking present, was a little red torch; perfect for reading under the bedcovers after ‘lights out’!”
— Anne Wan

About North Oak Press

North Oak Press is my independent, publishing name. The name is founded on the combination of the two farms from my childhood, ‘Northey Farm’ and ‘Oak Farm’. Growing up, I recognised what a privilege it was to live in the countryside with such space and freedom. Working as an independent publisher, I enjoy the unrestrained space for creativity and complete freedom in the choices I make. This is definitely a privilege, although it can be a little daunting at times!

So far, I have had the pleasure of working with three amazing ladies; Barbara Large MBE, tutor and ever-patient editor; Dawn Larder, illustrator of Secrets of the Snow Globe - Vanishing Voices and Elbrie de Kock, web designer and marketing adviser. Without the talent and dedication of these three incredible women, my role as publisher would not be possible.

Northey Farm

Northey Farm

“You never fail until you stop trying.”
— Albert Einstein